The Blond-o-Sonic Shimmer Trap

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Just for the record, you should all go read my articles.

Why? Because I’m awesome, that’s why. :D

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Starfucker 'Miracle Mile' Album Review

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Are you ready for Record Store Day!? Well get on it!

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Five of my favorite Indie Pop-Rock bands

If you’re looking for great new music to check out, you should click that link.

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Obscurity Unveiled: Indie Artists You May Have Noticed Gaining Attention

Although there are tons of cases of lesser known musicians suddenly catching the spotlight (i.e. Arctic Monkeys and Black Keys) here are a few bands you should check out while it will still boost your indie clout to listen to them “before they get cool.”

1. The Lumineers


Sorry, what was that? You’ve heard of the Lumineers? Surely you heard that one song (oh, what’s it called?… Ho Hey? is that it?) on your local Worst 40 list after it was featured in the film Silver Lining Playbook, but how many of their other songs have you heard? The Lumineers is a wonderful indie-folk band that’s starting to make a big splash in the music scene. Songs to check out by them are Dead Sea and Flowers in Your Hair

2. The Like

If you follow Alexa Chung you may have heard of The Like because her good friend, Tennessee Thomas, is their drummer. If not, The Like is a pop-punk all girl British group with a lot of great tracks. They feature catchy up beat tunes and an edgy frontman. Great tracks: He’s Not a Boy, and Narcissus in a Red Dress 

3.  Foxygen

Foxygen released two albums in 2012, Take The Kids Off Broadway and  We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic. The members, Sam France and Jonathon Rado favor a sort of experimental-classic rock based sound. Good tracks you should listen to are: Take The Kids Off Broadway and On Blue Mountain. Check them out at your nearest indie supply store or click the links above for a place to purchase them on Amazon. 

4. Old Crow Medicine Show

Old Crow Medicine Show (an indie blue-grass group) recently toured with The Lumineers. Putting an edgy rock spin on blue-grass with deep and often political lyrics, OCMS is a hard hitting must-have on your vinyl shelf. Notable songs: I Hear Them All and Alabama HighTest

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